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Er!n Enmark

I Exist in the Future!

The overall design of the mural currently in Sleet City was to create something vibrant and interactive that would honor the typefaces design students revived from the NW Arkansas area, hence the range of bright colors and combination of nonrepresentational elements. The mural resembles the resurgence of Fayetteville and the community it cultivates.
The slogan “I exisit in the future!” is a response to Hodari Davis’ question, “If I am not imagined in your future, do I exist in it?”. I believe that this play on words reinstates the importance of the individual, mirroring the identity of the typefaces created for this project.

The revived typefaces included on this mural are: Tally by Becca Roberts, Class of 1950 by Addison Gaylan and Ether by Erin Enmark.